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There could quite likely be some arthritis. You're vet is right that the majority of senior cats do develop it to some degree. Sounds like he wants to start her on Adequan injections, which can be quite helpful. My own cat has been on it for years (I give the injections myself and it really isn't hard after a little practice). Some other things you could try are Cosequin or Dasaquin, green lipped mussel, omega3 oils (I've heard krill works best, but the capsules can be tough to open), acupuncture and/or osteopathy.....

I'm a bit more concerned about her dandruff, to be honest. Make sure to get another senior blood panel done (a lot can change in a few months) and a urinalysis.

Any chance you could try to slowly change her diet to something better? Dry food isn't great for any cat, but especially a senior, and dry food from the vet clinic is particularly poor quality. If it doesn't cause her too much stress, try introducing some high protein, low carb canned food and gradually phase out the kibble.
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