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bellaboo2009 ~ My dogs lip is starting to look just like your dogs lip please tell me what was wrong with it? Here is an album of photos of my dogs lip:

#1# First they tried Antibiotics (Cephalexin) really high dose - had zero effect
(Also had me apply a warm washcloth twice a day to the area)
#2# Then went to another vet who pressed a glass slide to the lip to look at under the microscope to see if any bad cells stuck to the slide. They said no abnormal cells were visible. All four vets stood in the room collaborating on a diagnosis and decided to give her a shot of 20mg DEPO MEDROL which did make the lip swelling go down noticeably. Then after a week or so it has now returned.
### I am really worried for her and bellaboo2009 your dogs lip looks almost identical to me - so please let me know!

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