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I just saw on FB that Katie celebrated her 11th birthday. So happy to see your dogs doing so well!!

I bought some lactoferrin to try, I'll try it first since I have a chronic stuffy nose, and see what it does I talked to Jazz's internal medicine vet, and he says that he hasn't seen a problem with it. I just don't want to increase any inflammation in her body, since I still don't know what's really wrong with her.

It's absolutely amazing how much the goat's milk is helping her. If I give it away from food, before bedtime, her stomach is nice and pliable and relaxed, and she feels so much better. Works even better if I give probiotics with it. I remember now it being used for Timber! I'm just fortunate that I stumbled across it here in town.

I've held off on the microlactin, and instead giving her something to supplement her choline supplies. I think that she is having a systemic problem with her nervous system, still trying to figure her out.

Hayley, what supplements are you giving?

SW, has Timber's tumor been palpated recently? I know some time ago you said that the vet thought it felt smaller. Wondering how the size is? I knew a dog with a tumor in his jaw, and it would vary in size, but stayed relatively the same size while he was on his supplements. It stayed that way for the rest of his life.....
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