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Well, I am pretty surprised that blond Vet allowed the footage of Marshall's visit to her clinic and the follow-up visit to be aired, she did not come across well.

Overall I found the show to be a disappointment. I guess it was obvious from the title, Vet Fees, but what about some of the other consequences of what those Vets suggested, or consequences of not doing what they suggested?

The dangers to our pets of over vaccination, vaccinating all at one time, which are legally required?

A too thin pet? A food with no meat in it?

The danger of contracting heartworm and how hard it is to get rid of it? The legality of refusing to prescribe heartworm preventative without a test, I still don't know if that is legal but Vets do refuse.

I like to make a decision on all the facts I can possibly dig up. Fees alone don't guide my decisions. I did change Vets once because of too high fees, 150% higher than my friends at two other Vets who liked their Vet as much as I liked mine. But I also discovered they were having me not only buy but give to my animals dangerous meds with serious side effects for ailments very uncommon in my area.

What did the rest of you think of the show?

I am in love with Marshall.
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