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Hayleyb, so glad that Oeskes is doing better! That is great news that you were able to get the nose bleeds under control! Timber is doing very well. Her 13th birthday is coming up on the 10th. She is very happy because the weather is cooling down (although I am having a hard time adjusting to that and less sunlight) but being a husky, she can't wait for the snow to fall. I'm just glad she is around to experience another winter!

MaxaLisa, lactoferrin is a transport protein. I believe it is one component of colostrum. It is found in mucous membranes so that is why I wondered if it would be good with the nasal cancer. I think people general use it to prevent colds? It is an antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral. It general boosts the immune system and binds to iron which is why it is also an anti-tumor. I haven't been able to find any studies done where it has been used specifically in nasal cancer but thought I read something about colon cancer or maybe it was that it reduced polyps.

I give Timber 250mg once a day. Usually go through a bottle of 60 and then take a break. Haven't noticed any side effects. It really seems to help her stuffy nose so that's why I think it might prevent infection from building up around the tumor. It seems to be as effective as the doxy from what I have observed. This is the brand I am using:

I will have to look up microlactin. Do you use that as an immune booster?
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