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Thanks for the response. I did ask our vet if he could use the smaller needle, he prescribed the gauge 21 we were using a 19 before. We tried it; we successfully placed the needle, but as we open the fluid flow, he went crazy and cried all over the place. Which was odd because he didnt have a problem with the fluid before, just the pricking. We couldn't do it then, and our vet told us to take a break from injecting the fluids and just make sure he drinks a lot of water.

It was a problem, because now, not only does he not eat his renal diet anymore, he is also a bit lifeless, unlike before when he sees us, he will jump up and down, now he just stares at us.

Any suggestions as to how we can encourage him to drink more water? I placed chicken broth on his renal diet and he does eat it. But he doesnt eat the entire bowl. I place clean fresh filtered water on his water bowl but he does not drink that often anymore. As of now, i am trying the ice, and he loves it. pretty much everybody here in the house have been giving him extra attention because we think he would give up soon.
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