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Hi momma you may want to start your own post, may get a better result. And good luck.

Originally Posted by Momma View Post
My name is carol McKervey 403 285 5143. . We lost are guy about a week ago. He is two neutered white and approx 135 lbs in weight. You bet he's missed. We have eight kids he's no. 9. . We live on an acreage on 16th ave and 84th street ne., he's had a bad habit of wondering away, when neighbourhood dogs come around. He answers to the name snowball or snowy for short. When you call him snowy he will sometimes answer in a growl sounding to hello...

Also in his ears he has a wax condition, it looks like blood. We have meds to clear it.
If you still have him call me we will pick up ASAP..., thank you...for your help.
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