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Karma loves fruit

OK well figured out Karma my 10month old pup loves fruit. Kar wanted the pear i was eating so i gave her one thinking she wouldn't eat it. sadly i was wrong she ate it and now if u have a pear she wants one. Mom tossed her a apple one day so the kids could eat their peanut butter cookies with out the dogs bugging them.. well Karma ate that. Nyx took a bit longer to eat hers.. Well now Karma big things is apples she loves them. Nyx is picking up on the eating of the fruit to. It's some what nice for training Karma with new tricks, she needs to learn a lot and i finally feel up to training her on the tricks now. She learned please(kind of like sit pretty but with both paws on my leg).
I not over doing the fruit though as i don't want to deal with dogs with the runs. But i figure at least they chewing on fruit and not my shoes. already lost one pair shortly after getting Karma last month. they were my good and only pair of high heels
Any ideas on other fruit that's okay for dogs to eat?
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