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Originally Posted by Koteburo View Post
I have 2 main concerns about your idea.
1 is make sure that it really won't bring any problems in the future with the allergic people complaining, etc that might leave the cat again homeless and even more confused than before. You really have to make sure it'll be OK for the kitty.
My second concern is you know the saying "Out of sight out of mind" You REALLY have to make sure to spend some time with the cat/s (even if you get a companion) make sure to give some play time and human company and love daily.

An idea based on Marty's post above: Get a cat (or a couple) out of death row (depends if where you live if you have kill pounds)
You could use this opportunity to save a cat from a very dramatic situation.
I wish with all I have that no place with have kill shelters at all. I don't think that's the way to go at all.
But anyway back on track those are my about your idea.
The cat(s) will be leaving cat hairs on the OP clothes and they'll going back into the house and if the allergic person has a really bad allergy to cats this idea is not going to work at all. I really feel the OP should forget about getting a cat after reading what you said about "Out of sight out of mind" . The cat(s) would not be a part of the whole family routines and could every easily be forgotten about during the morning rush . I will have to give this idea a thumb down. The cat(s) has nothing to gain out this setup.
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