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Hi everyone.
New to this forum and I'm glad that I stumbled upon it! Thank you everyone (a special shout-out to ryebread!) for sharing your experiences & tips.

We have 03 indoor cats which we are fostering. 07-mth old Sasha suddenly developed weak hindquarters about 10 days ago. Sasha has now regained 90% of her strength & 'attitude-ness' and on the road to full recovery (we hope!). Jumps from sofa to sofa without much thought or trouble & starts scratching stuff, climbing & all.... sigh, back to her old self.

Anyway, what she had were the usual symptoms that many here have described. No evidence of physical abnormalities were found on her and we gathered too that she's not in pain (no nastiness/hissing/meowing/struggling when handled).

Tired, lethargic, losing weight fast, not eating well & goes 'splat' whenever she gets down from heights (even low ones). It's really sad to see her like that. We suspect that it had to be her nutrition. They are all fed wet food as their main diet; mainly canned wet seafood with dry food for snacks.

We did not take her to the vet. Vets here wont sell vitamins/supplements to you unless you bring your cat in for consultation etc and where I'm sure they'll run the full gamut of tests. Costs are dear as well.

So, we tried what ryebread suggested (Vit E & Potassium...) before anything else.
More info here>>
Should this fail, its the vet then.

What we did:
1. Do away with dry food.
2. Cut out the seafood
3. Palm fed her a 'feather & fur' diet (mostly chicken flakes w/some thick broth) for her 3 daily meals. Not forcibly.
4. Gave her Nurish-UM Nutritional Supplement (containing Vit E & Potassium; bought off the shelf at a pet store); twice daily; forcibly with a syringe for the first 5 days! Its once a day now. Forcibly still
5. Let her rest where and whenever she pleases as long as its safe
6. Give lots of care, love, attention & affection!
7. Pray (yes!)

Its been a week today since we started her on this 'diet'. Things are looking pretty good so far. Her right hind leg points slightly inward when she walks though but I'm certain in time to come it'll be back to normal.

But now she prefers ONLY CHICKEN!!!
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