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Gumdrop's improving but...

An encouraging update

Gumdrop's bandage started slipping off - she was tripping on it and the more she would trip, the more it would slip - it was a clown shoe by the end of the day and had to come off because it was super tight at her wrist and was a risk to circulation. I got it off and her toe is a little swollen, but she was walking on it OK and was much more comfortable without the bandage.

I brought her in to have a smaller bandage reapplied, just to keep the toe stable for a few more days. She is doing much better but her activity must still be limited. She has to heal.

So OMG - when she goes all crazy - she's like that weasel on the FogHorn Leghorn cartoons. How the heck am I supposed to calm her down?? She goes absolutely berserck and the more I calmly try to tell her to relax, the worse she gets. If I ignore her, she'll hit the ceiling. And in order to keep her in one place so she won't hurt her toe, I hold on to her leash and halter and let her go berserck.

How am I to calm down a 13 week old chi puppy that hasn't had any decent exercise for five days and is a ticking time bomb???? I can't crate her constantly - that would be cruel. Help!
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