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LOL@that vision of the Poodle trying to pick up 2 balls. Isn't it only dogs like Labs and bigger that can do that?
Roo is always being told off, DD, so much by Toby in fact that he doesn't waste time, he starts grovelling up to him instead of the normal happy approach. Strange that it's Toby who has been the quiet alpha dog here because as a baby pup the two golden girls made him stop eating just by eyeballing him when he tried, or where Silk was concerned, using a quiet growl. Now he goes after Roo as if to say "How dare you even glance in my direction, peasant!"
Greedy little Grace, Hazel! We have a saying for the female of my breed - 'that's why they call them bitches'. Tammy(alpha sheltie) was into hoarding like that, you have to laugh at their determination.
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