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That would be great! Thank! I finally managed to contact the cargo company and they say they will not take bookings from individuals- we have to go through a pet export company. So far, quoted prices has ranged from 550-1300!! Ouch. Might be worth in to have a family member fly the puppy oven as excess baggage!

There's not too much info on the breed online, so most of what I've learned has come direct from the sister-in-law. They use theirs for hunting a bit (once to twice a month-ish in summer months.) They (and my partner) have said she is absolutely lovely- medium sized, short coat, very limited shedding, and according to them, fairly laid back at home and a great house pet. I will NOT be hunting at all.. But hope to find it another job. It will be my running/hiking partner, and I also ride horses so it will be my barn buddy. I hope to keep it in obedience for awhile and maybe agility or tracking classes.
As far as I can tell there are very few in Canada. I think there are two other imported dogs in BC. We may keep her unspayed and breed in the future, but we need to wait and see.
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