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IBD help

My7 year old Cassady has had diarrhea occasionally throughout her life. The vet tested her her for many, many things. Over the last two months, it has become worse than ever. I switched to a new vet, and based on symptoms, an ultrasound and elimination of other issues, he believes she is suffering from IBD. It seems that it is probably because a food intolerance (most likely to chicken based on an elimination diet). The problem is, I cannot get her off chicken based food! I have tried multiple brands, flavors and varieties, to no avail. I had tried to sneak tiny amounts (less than 1/10 of her overall food) and she seems to detect it. About a year ago, she refused to eat any food and it led to hepatic lipadosis and a hospital stay, so I am vey vigilant about her food intake now. When the vet first suspected IBD, he started her on a round of Metronidazole which seemed to stop the diarrhea for about two days and then she refused to eat and actually began to act sick. She ate nothing for 48 hours. At that point, I decided to stop the Metronidazole and she began to eat again. I guess I am looking for some advice. I just ordered slippery elm and hopefully that will relieve some of her issues. I am trying to avoid the steroid route if at all possible. Please share any experiences or ideas! Thanks!
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