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i am so sorry for your troubles w/ Jessy i have a 111/2 yr old pom my baby girl kizzy she has congestive heart failure & cushings disease

in cushings im sure youve looked up info but lots of panting , alot of water intake & lots of urinating hair changes sm x falls out the get a pot belly appearance they get weak in the back end heat in tolerant & weight gain a few more symptoms kizzy was cushinoid long b4 congestive heart failure cropped up

& now having both diseases & on lasix even more panting , more water intake & more urinating so i was already used to excessive amounts in these 3 areas

but she is doing well rt now but my beloved vet will not treat her for cushings afraid it may kill her with the congestive heart disease

if your dog is not diabetic & is not drinking alot of water & panting & going more often to urinate then id doubt the possibility of cushings ??? the symptoms r pretty distinct & i think you should get you a new vet to do surgery ect they r taking you for a major ride ???

& i wld not feel comfortable with them i hope if you want their is another option how did she dislocate her hip ?? how much does she weigh ??

how did she lose 30 % of her weight ?? my girl needs to lose wt she is a full blood pom 19.5 lb because of cushings & low tyhroid & congestive heart failure

i am in texas i carry her because her bk end is too weak she stands to poop only sm x urinate but usually she lays down lifts tail

also i have to wash her belly , legs & tail & vulva to wash urine off its hard to keep clean & keep dry any suggestions to prevent sores

wen she poops i have to give her a lower half bath every time a big mess

she is happy though rides in stroller eats well

i wish you & jessy alot of luck plus any suggestions for me let me no please for kizzy & her lower half keeping clean dry & any great products & any suggestions for yeast in ears thanks
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