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Some of the people involved owned other alpaca studs, it's such a labour intensive thing that they need to help each other. Rowan had 200 to shear, don't know what the others have. Anyway, one of the ladies, when I asked if the alpacas got used to being shorn, said that they either just lie and accept it, or NOT. LOL. So maybe the answer is no, not just a matter of getting used to it. What surprised me is that they don't have much fleece compared to a sheep. It also has no lanolin in it so it's a dry fleece, and certainly the shearing shed doesn't stink like when sheep are done. I'm glad to be able to get to know them gradually, they can be a bit intimidating first up. Must admit that no, Roo didn't spring to mind when I looked at the colour of the spotted alpaca, DD. But now .... Hell yeah! LOL. Oh, it showed how popular these have become, that shearer is just back down from Queensland where he shore 9,000 alpacas, Rowan's was the first shed being done back in Victoria. No wonder Rowan has a lot of business carting alpacas to and from interstate in his huge van.
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