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To Maxalisa:

About 5 years ago, when Jessy (Pom/Lhasa) was about 4, we started seeing major skin problems. The vets only talked about allergies and Prednisone and antibiotics, which I knew were just a "band-aid" and the Prednisone could hurt her. So off I went in search of natural one point it was so bad that she wasn't sleeping, we weren't sleeping, she was depressed and had large red collarettes all over her abdomen and had lost all the fur underneath and was not even eating (and she's normally a dog with a great appetite). I actually had to feed her in my hand. I was at wits end and decided I'd try the whole Nzymes product kit for "yeast" (yeast was seen on a skin scraping of hers). I know it's just digestive enzymes, Ox-E drops (sodium chlorite - not "chloride") in her water, black walnut oil and olive leaf extract to kill yeast, plus the treats which are vitamins (A, C, E, etc) and a gradual change of food (at the time it was to the Nzymes-recommended old Eagle Pack, no longer available). I don't know what did the change but the dog completely turned around in a matter of weeks. After 2 months she was radiant. I also gave her pep talks, daily massages, lots of love, etc. Something worked. But there are so many stories of success of their website - our story is there too, and I'm not lying so I'm sure many others are also not lying.

For now, though, with this new Aspergillus flavus problem, I've cut out the Bac Pac powder because it does contain "safe" aspergillus (a different strain) as a digestive aid but I've read that dogs with a sensitivity to aspergillus mold might be better off avoiding anything that contains it in any form. I am also wondering if perhaps the black walnut/olive leaf tincture might have had some aspergillus (it's a fungus that enjoys walnut trees) so I am abstaining from that too, just in case. She's getting probiotics, colostrum, virgin coco oil, minced garlic, etc - she's good. I still give her the Nzymes treats for the antioxidants/vitamins and the sodium chlorite drops which kill aspergillus flavus. I'm doing my best with the limited information I have because A. flavus in a urine culture with no sign of systemic infection is an issue most vets haven't seen, especially in a dog that doesn't seem immunocompromised. The first place it attacks is the lungs (lesions) but her lung xrays look good, her abdominal organs look good (ultrasound). It's really odd.

I may be repeating myself (sorry) but a few vets have suggested what first came to me: her vaginitis is probably aspergillus, not candida (it happens) and it climbed, and then showed up in the urine culture. I feel that if I can get rid of the vaginitis (and it's looking better everyday) then we can go for another urine culture and let's hope we killed that fungus!!! Lord knows I'm trying my best. Maybe some will criticize me for not going with Itraconazole (strong anti-fungal med) which is the only medical suggestion we had thus far, but I know what this stuff can do to her liver and I've read many (MANY) medical articles that explain how systemic aspergillus flavus cannot be successfully "cured". Many dogs have taken the Itraconazole for 2 years (with its side effects) , then stopped and the fungus returned. It's not an answer. There is no right treatment, it seems. So I'm doing my ultimate best and I hope it'll work. 5 years ago we had success and she was extremely sick; right now she looks great and seems to feel great apart from her limited use of the dislocated leg. Let's win again!!!
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