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Originally Posted by MaxaLisa View Post
I am glad that she is doing well

Very sad to hear that you feel you need to use a shock collar though There are better ways...

As a ide note, I would want to know why my dog is whining, whether there is pain, anxiety, etc.
It has a tapping feature and a shocking portion as well that has a huge range! I was away back to Canada for 3 weeks and she whine ALL evening when my wife came home from work, she was in tears with frustration. Believe me we have had to to the vet numerous times. And it really is not that cruel, I have tested it out on myself. She wil literally just sit there and whine and whine until one plays with her! She will whine for supper--I have waited for over 20 min for her to stop whining for supper, nope! All it has taken is a few gentle shocks and all is well. Actually just require the tapping feature and all is solved.
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