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PLEASE HELP! Dog Seizure


My poor baby had an hour-long seizure today. He's been having frequent seizures so he has been taking phenobarbital and adenosyl daily. Luckily, my mom was here and was able to rush him to the vet. The vet took his blood sample and took x-rays. The blood samples were taken to the lab and we won't receive the results for 2-3 days but we were able to see the x-rays which didn't really tell us much except that he has weak lungs so the vet thought it could be an upper respiratory infection. We were able to bring him home tonight but as soon as we brought him, he started walking but every couple of seconds will tilt/lean his head to the left side involuntarily. He seems very dazed and out of it which is probably normal since he had a very long seizure but I don't understand why his head keeps tilting. He will take a couple of steps then stop and his head will tilt, then he will start walking again. I have no idea what is happening to him...

Can anyone help? Any comments/advice/answers will be GREATLY APPRECIATED.

Thanks so much for reading.
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