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Sorry it took so long to reply to the replies but I've been very miserable over the situation. I ended up having to put my baby down. Probably the hardest thing I've ever had to make myself do. I woke up the morning following my original post and my girl couldn't stand and the look in her eyes tore my heart up. The next day was worse with her pretty much refusing food and water. So being that she was 15 years old and had been crippled up and 3 legged from being hit by a car when she was about 5 and with her original owner I knew the time was right to let her go with a bit of dignity. She's out running in grassy spring fields now waiting for me to come along in my own time to throw the ball for her. I haven't felt anything so strongly since my mom passed away. The cats really miss her too. My one cat, dickens(fem), so named by my mom from whom I inherited her, because she's a real lil dickens. Always into some kind of mischief. Anyways, lil Dickens used to be great friends with, and curl up with the dog, Farrah, and sleep most of the night there. This was a godsend since Dickens is very social and the other two cats are very much loners. Also, as Farrahs' vision had got worse in her old age and her immobility didn't give her many options to entertain herself when I was away from the house for 9-10 hours at work and at night she wouldn't have to be alone. Now that Farrah is gone little dickens wants to move into my bed with me and Caesar. She pesters Caesar because she wants to curl up with him and he doesn't like that and hisses, spits and swats at her, then she wants under the covers with me but wants to point the wrong way with her bum pushed up in my face. She struggles when I try to turn her around and point her backside towards my feet but eventually she settles for sitting on my chest or bladder which isn't much better but at least she leaves Caesars corner alone. Basically my bed isn't such a restful place right now. Lol.......I hadn't thought about how much this would affect Dickens, but for now she won't leave my side and follows me all around the house and even, very rare for a cat, comes running straight way when I call.
So, we're all sad here I guess and missing my baby girl.
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