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Originally Posted by Silverwind View Post
I have been walking him every morning, and trying to teach him that he can only walk beside or behind me. We also have segregated him to only the upstairs, and no bedrooms. He is no longer allowed to get up on the furniture. He is not allowed to jump up. He only gets fed, petted, etc, after he sits. He is not allowed to enter the house or any room first. When he pees outside he gets a lot of positive reinforcement. It seems to be helping, he has not peed in the house since the 10th. I will talk to my husband about taking Yogi for daily walks.
That is good news about not peeing in the house for 4 days. I guess he is learning who wear the pants in the house. I find poodles to be very strong minded intelligent dogs and they will test their owners to see how much they can get away with.
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