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Question Does feeding raw carrots to dogs: 1.Dissuade feces eating? + 2.Cause gastritis?

Originally Posted by VIOLET0019 View Post
My cute little rescued doggie, whom I love very much, (part Yorkshire Terrier and part Papillion), and is approx. 11 years old, (have had her 10 years)has recently begun to EAT HER OWN FECES in the house! It is very difficult to catch her doing it, as she is sneaky, and while I am doing something, she will sneak off and go and have her recycled snack! I know that she is hungry ALL OF THE TIME. She just wants to eat eat eat...... i.e. if one of the cats vomits, she will get there before me just to be able to lap it up! There are NO crumbs on the floor ever....she is a little vacum cleaner. I need to watch her carefully as she will try to eat the cats leftovers the moment they walk away from their plate, ie if they leave a few crunchies. SHE LOVES FOOD. LOVES LOVES LOVES FOOD! I admit that I have to be quite strict, no people food, just two meals a day and in between she gets some snacks and also at bedtime. Her weight is ok approx. 13 lbs.
(She has a terrible history of being beaten and kept in a cage, but I doubt this has anything to do with it.)
Are there any products that members have used, that are natural, and which they have had success with, that I can use as a deterrent - I saw one by Four Paws called Potty Mouth Tablets, but did not purchase them as I wanted to hear your opinions first. She has had a history of gastro problems when I first rescued her. Because of gastro problems, I tried MANY MANY brands of holistic foods....some caused diarrhea, some caused constipation, some caused pain. Then I tried cooking for her for awhile, and trying pumpkin etc. etc.. After several years of difficulties with her stomach, due to her being fed only MILK BONES as pet food when she was being abused, before I rescued her! I finally found a food which she is very stable on, although I wish I did not have to buy this one as it is from the Vet, and the ingredients etc. It is canned Purina EN. But I am grateful as it keeps her without pain, gas, diarrhea, constipation....and it took alot of trial and error until finally having her stable.
Aside from this yechy behaviour, she is very clean (perhaps having taken on cat cleanliness from living with her two feline friends). I doubt that she is lacking in any vitamins.....I truly believe it is because she is HUNGRY
If it was up to her, I am quite positive she would eat all day and night. I do understand ...... she just loves food, and I think that her feces smells like dog food, to her, and as I am so mean because I don't feed her all day long....she has resorted to desperation.....and thus eats her own feces! This began approx. 2 months ago. I would greatly appreciate any experiences, information, suggestions.Thanks.
I neglected to mention that Baby has an indoor "dog potty box" (as I am ill and unfortunately, I am not always able to take her outside for a walk). When I first rescued her, I taught her how to use this indoor box that I rigged up for her (a very low plastic box lined with layers of newspaper). So, this is the reason she makes in the house in the first place! I just wanted to clarify that it is not that she is doing it all over the house sporadically. She is quite clever - i.e. when I know that I am unable to go out and walk her, I will bring her to her box, and ask her to make (I have taught her "special" vocabulary specifically for this request: "Baby go make a peepee kaka in the box"!) and then - HURRAY! she goes on command! But ..... sometimes, when I am tending to something else, she will sneak off to the potty box, and eat her own feces. I have never actually caught her in the act, but I see traces of feces left on the newspaper - that is how I know. (And I do not believe in "reprimanding" pets(vocally), after the fact!)

??> I met a lady walking her dog, who "heard" that if one gives their dog raw carrots, it will dissuade them from eating their own feces.

I would appreciate comments from any members who may have tried this? but I need to know, if raw carrots cause gastro intestinal issues for dogs who have very sensitive stomachs? (pain, diarrhea, etc.?)

Thank you for your opinions!
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