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I just looked up do 'pit bull have strong jaws ' and found mixed opinions about the pit bull dog having jaw that 'lock ' . There are some the think is a myth and others that think it true. More black dogs are put down as people believe the myth about black dogs being aggressive . I think there is some kind of myth about most breeds of dogs no matter what they look like. '
My dog was attacked by a Corgi mix and that dog would not let go of my dog when I hit it with my cane. Any dog is able to bite and hold on . I saw 2 polices with their dogs at a park showing people how they train their dog. One cop had his dog 'attack' his arm and then gave the dog a demand to release and the dog did so. The second cop had his dog attack his arm then he gave the demand to release and his dog did not let go. The cop had to kick his dog to let go. I thought OMG what if that dog attack a person and his trainer can't get him to let go. Both dogs where German Shepherd and , and the dog that had to be kicked off his trainer arm did nothing wrong , it was his trainer fault for not knowing how to handle his own dog. He was not in command of his dog.
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