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Originally Posted by Barkingdog View Post
Pitbull can hold on for a long time because of the shape of their face , their jaws are very powerful but I never heard of the jaw locking on
there a myth that they lock their jaw and u cant get them to let go and you have to at times kill the dog to get them to let go. you think about it though police and military and protection dogs are trained to bite n hold on and to not let go until they are released off of what they have bite.. they have done bite test and the pit bull type don't have a strong as some breeds the police use.

I can say this all pitty(type as many fall under the pitty term) mixes and purebreds that i met are all great family dogs. ya some aren't sure of other dogs but the owners even admit its there fault for not having them more social as a pup but are working on and the dogs are doing great.
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