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ppl who believe breed Myths while owning the breed.

i usually keep my Rants and what not deep inside in a chest thats locked.. but Today i totally want to punch some one out. First it starts with people saying dog that Karma doesn't have any pitty in her at all. and she looks border collie(just cause of her colouring). When i say she does but she probably a mix even though my brother was told she was a purebred. well anyways then i talk about how Nyx and Karma when playing can get a bit rough and you can totally tell theres terrier in her, they give me like OMG looks and look at her differently..(which i am used to with my choice of dogs). But what set me off to today was my mom friend over and mom was acting like she was going to hit Karma with a pillow while she was laying in my lap(NOTE: my mom wouldnt actaully hit the dog), well i missed my moms friend comment and then she said it again. the comment that pissed me off is the LOCKJAW that all pitbull breeds have. so when i told her they don't lock their jaws she made a comment about how her son gf said they do... OK they people Just got a pitty from the SPCA and they are believe the myths about the breed...
I will admit that the pitty breeds will hold on and not let go of what they have but then again any dog will do that also.

My mom is seeing how i am getting worked up over the fact that people believe this stuff when you own a breed. My family knows my love for dogs and how i can't stand when people believe the worse in a dog with out meeting it.
I know people go into the spca all the time n just see a cute dog and think what a great pet and don't see the breed or could careless. but people should really find out what they can about what the dog could be mixed with and know facts or myths.
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