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I hope everyone hasn't dropped off of this board. I feel there are so many questions still lingering. I've been doing more investigating as I hate to be stumped and want to know why all of the sudden my cat couldn't walk correctly and was losing weight. It's almost been a year and no one has been able to tell me what happened.

An article came out today about information regarding Chris McCandless' death (the young that had ventured out alone to Alaska and was found dead near the bus he inhabited... in the early 90s I believe). Something got me questioning plant neuro toxins, which is what they believe ultimately caused Chris' body to degenerate. Has anyone ever encountered plant neurotoxins in their pets? It got me wondering.

My cat has an infatuation with eating anything and everything plant-wise that is green. I have to watch her every time I let her out on the back patio or make sure all greenery is put up. It made me wonder if maybe she got into something that night she escaped. Thank you internet, but I found that the sweet pea plant grows around my house and was growing that time of year...and is very toxic to humans and animals. All of the symptoms were ones that my cat was having.

Everlasting Pea. (Common names include Sweet Pea, Perennial Pea). Toxic to cats, dogs and horses. Signs of poisoning include Weakness, lethargy, pacing, head pressing, tremors, seizures and possibly death. It is also very common for the hind quarters in animals that are exposed to this plant to become significantly weakened, making it difficult to walk. Weight loss is also a symptom.

She has certain tremors or shakes it looks like in her legs and her hind quarters seem to be the ones suffering the most. She experienced weight loss for the first time in her 14 years right after that night. Her legs were very faulty that morning after as well. I don't know if symptoms should show up that soon, but I wanted to see if anyone had any thoughts.
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