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Jarrah had a vet visit yesterday, to have a swab done for a DNA test, the rcd4 gene which causes late onset blindness in ACD's, a mutated form of Progressive Retinal Atrophy. So, hope you'll keep fingers crossed for us, clear or carrier is fine, we don't want to find she is effected. I also asked could they check out her ears as she often acts as if they are worrying her but it was only loose hairs. As usual she behaved for both vets beautifully, our only hassle for the day was getting her back into her cage in the car. The words lead bum spring to mind. No way known will she help. I got my revenge by starting her on a weight reducing diet, LOL. In this photo she was enjoying the Spring sunshine, though the look on her face could mean "Oh no, I'm going to starve!"
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