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Aspergillus Flavus

Dr. Lee,

Our own vet seems to now be thinking that the internist us scaring us unnecessarily with the threat of a systemic A. Flavus issue. She checked Jessy's thoracic xrays from a month ago when liver xrays were taken and the lungs are also showing up quite clearly; she says there are absolutely no lesions so this is great news since this fungus fancies the lungs (and the ultrasound didn't show any abdominal lesion). She told me today that she's spoken to 2 specialists and they are baffled. From the beginning we suspected it was due to the vaginitis climbing up; and then I read articles explaining that yes, this is the way that this fungus climbs - like a vine. So after Fluconazole for 5 days and no improvement in the look of it (still a bit swollen and yeasty looking) we decided to just stop it and go back to my Nzymes, probiotics, and we'll add colostrum. I was happy you explained the different function of Fluconazole and in that new light I can see how it might be helpful but I have been told that I shouldn't use the Nzymes (etc) while using the Fluconazole because there could be some interaction. Also, I was encouraged when I read yesterday that Nzymes Ox-E Drops (sodium chlorite) are extremely safe and often used in reservoirs and municipal water facilities because it KILLS Aspergillus flavus! We have been using these in Jessy 's drinking water for 5 years now but we are supposed to add a bit more if we see trouble (like the vaginitis) but we didn't...

By the way, there are many brands of digestive enzymes, probiotics, and sodium chlorite drops so we are not trying to do marketing for this particular company; it's just that it was easy to get a "kit" already put together, but other brands could work just as well.

Yes we are keeping her super-clean, especially after every potty outing. She isn't overweight anymore (she lost 30% of her initial weight in one year) but she has folds that hang down and I have to push up to clean the area well. I have used apple cider vinegar and water but is there a reason why you recommend white? I have now purchased a vaginal cream that contains probiotics (and garlic!) and have applied that.

I would very much appreciate having your opinion - what do you suspect and what course would you recommend this situation?


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