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Early socialising the kittens

Hi again,

I forgot to mention in my previous post that another important thing is to socialise the kittens at an early age!
It important is to touch the kittens very early in their life, I would say at one week old, if the mommy-Dino allows them, your parents could sit by the nest and gently stroke the kittens.
Clean hands are a must, but I would forgo using any kind of hand sanitizer since it contains alcool and smells of it very may be VERY displeasing to mommy cat and the kittens!
A few days after, they can gently pick up a kitten, sitting by the nest and hold it in their arms for a short period of time, starting with about 1 minute and increasing daily, slowly the time each kitten is held.
Of course, this can only be done if mommy Dino-cat agrees!
If she shows any stress about this, they should simply keep to stroking the kittens in the nest.
Note that the kittens may/will meow loudly when they are picked up!

This is very important, as it will help socialise the kittens and get them use to humans. That way when comes adoption time, they will be use to be handled and will not be afraid of humans.

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