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Hi everyone!

I am wondering if a cat would spray inside to mark the shelter as his and then sleep in it???
The alley cats do spray here and there on the walls, door, bbq etc...but to spray in it and sleep in it after???
Note that the bedding in the shelter is not patted down as if a cat slept there, nor are there any traces of cat hair or little dirty/muddy paws on the blanket.

The large covered litter box is not used as a litter!
I have been using it for 2 past winters as a shelter and never has this happened before.
Originally it was donated to me by a member of this site who lives in my area, and it was only slightly used (no scratches inside the pan).
I clean and scrub and soak my plastic shelters in hot water for a few hours, and rinse very good at the beginning of the season-now-
Obviously next weekend I will have to wash the blanket and the shelter all over again, but I am not sure if I should put it back outside right the same time, it is getting cold at night and I don't want the cats to be cold...

Am I setting up my shelters too early?
I did everything the same as I have been doing for the past 6 years and now this happens!
I am confused!

Helper to:
Cookie July 1st 1999 f/ RIP July 31st 2008 -cat
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Elphin April 21st 2008 m -cat
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Gino Ferrero April 8th 2010 m -cat
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Katla Chilam Balam April 8th 2010 f- cat
Rasta Farian Marley April 9th 2010 m- cat
Chipcat-Filou found June 12th 2011 (Ocicat 6months old) f-cat
Jane the Snow Cat rescued Dec27th 2012 f- cat

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