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It's Aspergillus flavus !

Dr. Lee,

Thanks for your info, however I wish I would have known the strain before posting; we just found out it's aspergillus flavus - 30,000 colonies. So no, it's not a true UTI, it's a discovery of a fungus in the urine culture.

Jessy has no signs of being immunocompromised and this has been repeated to us numerous times by numerous vet pros we've seen in the last 7 weeks. She's in good spirits, eating well, and looks great.

When it gets very humid (as it was in July) she tends to develop what appears to be a slight vaginitis; however this year she also had dislocated her hip and was sitting and laying a lot which, I think, aggravated the situation and she developed this vaginitis which I am still trying to get rid of.

One vet's theory is that possibly the A. flavus climbed up the urethra and showed up in the urine since A. flavus is a known climber! This was actually my first idea too, but the zealous internist wants thoracic x-rays, complete cytology exam, and much more, even though the dog is very healthy and has never had any respiratory troubles nor have any lesions been seen on the abdominal ultrasound. I am thinking that perhaps these tests may be unnecessary. We have already done so many...(6-panel blood, 12-panel blood, urine test and culture by cystocentesis, abdominal x-ray, abdominal ultrasound, bile acid test (twice), and the list goes on.

I read some medical articles recently that say fluconazole doesn't work on aspergillus flavus; the anti-fungals that could work are very hard on the liver. It's not an easy situation and I've read systemic issues are basically considered fatal, regardless of the treatment. But if there is no real reason to believe that this is systemic (I'm starting to think it's almost impossible), perhaps we should just keep her on the natural and healthy path we've followed thus far with Nzymes products and maybe add some colostrum as someone recommended because it can help eliminate fungus in the bladder (and many other benefits) if that's the case and it's not dangerous. Once I see the vaginitis has disappeared then I suppose it would be a good time for a new urine culture and hopefully the hip surgery.

We have heard, however, that a new urine culture may still grow A. flavus but that this still doesn't indicate a systemic issue. Do you know why that would be so? There was no explanation.

And if you have any ideas on how to get rid of this stubborn vaginitis, please let me know!

Oh and lastly, would a low-grade Cushings diagnosis mean the dog is immunocompromised even though her health seems fine? She has yet to be tested...

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