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Skinny cat pregnant


My cat Stibule was very small and but a kitten herself when she was pregnant.
She gave birth to 4 healthy kittens 3 years ago who are still with me and thriving!

I would not worry that much for the delivery of the kittens, but I would be prepared in case anything goes wrong and she needs assistance...
A good supply of gloves, some seringes for feeding the kittens if she dosn't have enough milk, some clamps for the umbelical cords if she can't chew them, a good supply of kitten milk you can get at the pet store, perhaps a heating pad you can set on low and put towels on in case she turns away from her kittens...

I was overly prepared when Stibule gave birth to her kittens, and as small and young as she was, she did a terrific job on her own.

Oh and of course, keep your 24/7 vet number on hand... You can also call the vet and tell them about the situation, this way they will know who you are and what the situation is if you need to call them and ask for help!

hope this helps. Keep us posted on what happens!

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