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The Dinosaur had kittens!

Just sharing the news! Mi tiny dinosaur aka Thelma had 4 kittens! born 2 on the night of the 6 and 2 on the 7th
As I mentioned in another thread we do not support breeding and are all pro spay/neuter this was a conjunction of unfortunate circumstances that led to her getting pregnant. However we have now (well... my parents) those beautiful, adorable little stinkers now and everyone's happy it all went well.
The Dinosaur is a very tiny cat, the permakitten kind of cat so we were a little worried she'd be too small to give birth but we gotta give nature more credit than that.
Dino looked for my parents to give birth, the first baby got stuck but my mom rubbed her belly and made her walk a bit in the room, after thar she went in the box my dad prepared and went running to get that's so cute he can be cranky and looks so serious but then he does cute things like that. Anyways after being put in the box kitten came out to the world and 3 more throughout the night
I'll ask for pics later
Just wanted to share.
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