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Wanted for cat winter shelters:large rubber bins, large litter box with cover.

Hi everyone,

I know we don't want to hear about it but winter is near

I usually install 4 or 5 cat shelters on my back patio for the alley cats to sleep in. This way they are protected from the cold/ wind/snow/rain.

Two of my shelters from last year are no good any more and I only have 2 left, which consists of an extra large litter box that I line with recycled wool sweaters from the thrift store and straw my mother generously donates every autum, and I cover the whole set up with 3 or 4 blankets from the thrift store. As well as a very large Rubbermaid bin that I put on its side in which I cut an opening in the lid for the cats to go in.
All this is lifted off the ground to cut humidity on bricks and long 2X4's... Very hand made, not really pretty, but serves the purpose!

I would need at least two more shelters for the winter. Can anyone help?

I can pick them up anywhere in Verdun, as I don't have a car, I do have a cart in which I can haul them home by foot.

Any offer is greatly appreciated, and I will, of course, update all of you with pics of my shelters when they are done and ready for the cats!

Feel free to PM me if you have anything you think I can use!

thanks for your generosity.

Helper to:
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Tonali June 3rd 2007 f -cat
Elphin April 21st 2008 m -cat
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Katla Chilam Balam April 8th 2010 f- cat
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Chipcat-Filou found June 12th 2011 (Ocicat 6months old) f-cat
Jane the Snow Cat rescued Dec27th 2012 f- cat
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