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Thanks for thinking of us Hazel and MaxaLisa! Yes, I hope Katie is doing okay still. Perhaps she just got busy and will check in at some point.

Haleyb, I am so sorry about your diagnosis. I hope that your Oeskes is doing well and that you were able to enjoy your time away.

I am not sure how long Oeskes may have. Your vet may be able to give you some kind of time frame but like Hazel said, I'm sure every case is different. My vet said as little as 5 months but she did not give me an "as long as" guess. I think it all depends on the type of nasal cancer and the aggressiveness of the tumor etc. Timber does not seem to be getting worse and does not have any nose bleeds so we might be dealing with a slow growing tumor at this point. All I can do now is to try keeping her as healthy as possible and her immune system strong by giving a good quality diet and trying different anti-tumor supplements listed in this thread.

What kind of dogs are Oeskes and Philly by the way?
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