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gave me hope

I know this thread is several years old, but I currently have a cat in liver failure and, despite our efforts (sub q fluids, syringe feeding, antibiotics, anti nausea meds and appetite stimulant), his liver function tests are getting worse. My vet told me today that she suspects a blocked bile duct...possibly even a mass (didn't see anything on xray, but haven't done an ultrasound). We don't know how old he is as we took him in off the street about a year ago. He has a grade 4 (or level 4 or something) heart murmur and he is FIV positive. So we don't want to put him through surgery. My vet suggested stopping the meds which case he will die within days as he isn't eating. But he seems ok otherwise. Not quite himself, but loving, alert...not great but OK. I can't just stop all support and let him die. I read this thread and decided to give him more of a chance and I added the Denamarin, which the vet happened to give me a couple of weeks ago. We'll see what happens. Maybe he'll surprise us all!
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