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Originally Posted by Jull View Post
hmmm, maybe that could be it then? I personally don't give Bestia anything for it, because I know it is only a temporary thing, I just try to keep the house air as clean as possible and monitor him in case I see it gets out of control, but it never does.

You know, another thing I notice is that sometimes the sneezes will come to Bestia too if there is any of those aromatic sprays (like fabreeze) or things like that; I know my mom uses them and every time we go there both Bestia and I get the sniffles.

A bit off topic, but - I listened to a webinar last week, and they talked about how we love the smell of fresh washed fabric (because of the fabric softener) and of all the aromatic spray things... but, these can be harmful to our pets because if you think about it while you are enjoying your fresh washed sheets if they are in bed with you chances are they will be rubbing against it too and then, they do some grooming, therefore ingesting all these stuff. The Dr said, is very simple, yourself, try licking a dryer sheet and see what is like. So now I have been trying to avoid using too much of these kind of things, I never went crazy using them but I do love the smell of clean stuff lol, even my floors I no longer wash them with any store cleaners, just natural disinfectants.
I can't stand the smell of fabric softeners they brother me. So I am glad I do not use them.

I found these web sites about cats sneezing, I would keep an eye on your cat and see if any other symptoms show up. Is he sleeping more than normal ? Sounding congested has me concerned , it would not hurt to call your vet and see what they think.
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