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Question for a vet: Should we allow sx with yeast in urine?

Sorry it's kind of long, but it's been long for us too!

The dog dislocated a hip 6 weeks ago; after liver enzymes were found to be in the 200s so many tests were done including ultrasound but the only major problem found was yeast in the urine which is considered a UTI but no bacteria, only yeast. Specialist in internal medicine says anti-fungal therapy for several weeks before any surgery but I've read this stuff often doesn't work, and our regular vet doesn't think it would be very good for her liver right now and we agree. I am treating her naturally - she has always had a yeast issue (skin) but no vet seemed to be able to provide much help so I got her on Nzymes products and she's been well under control for many years. Since I found out about the yeast in the urine a week ago I've been giving her probiotics twice a day and add apple cider vinegar to her water; I've also doubled up the Nzymes as they tell us to do in times of "need".

THIS IS WHAT'S REALLY BOTHERING US: They mentioned in the report that if we do an orthopedic surgery now before the infection (yeast) is under control then the risk of complications are much larger. Is that true? And what would be the risks?

We have already fooled around for 6 weeks with $2000 of tests that were negative except for the urine culture with yeast only. We just want this operation done and have a dog that can walk properly! She is presently crippled with a dislocated hip and sometimes is in some obvious pain. We have a day scheduled for the surgery next week but this specialist is causing us a lot of anxiety - is it true that she could have "important" complications because of the yeast in her urine or are they just hoping for more business from us in the form of diagnostic tests?

I should mention that this is one of those vet hospitals where we went only for an ultrasound but they keep calling us with more and more suggestions of potential problems (they want a new test for diabetes even though 2 blood tests in the past month were normal; they want another urine test by means of expensive ultrasound-guided cystocenthesis - over $200 the last time; they want a test for Cushings even though she is healthy and radiant and has no symptoms; etc, etc). Perhaps they are trained to look at every single potential problem but our money is running out and the operation she needs isn't even done yet! She'll also need physio (more $$). We adore our dog but we are wondering what is truly necessary and what is exaggerated. Thank goodness our regular vet has told us that a Cushings test could be in a few months (or next year) if we want but it wouldn't affect the operation since she has no obvious symptoms. And the yeast doesn't seem to bother her as much as it bothers them;today they even mentioned they are afraid it could up into the kidneys and that they want a negative urine culture before the surgery (that could take months!!!). I haven't had her opinion on that yet.

We are confused, exhausted with all this, and don't know what to do. Are they purposely scaring us and trying to take us for a ride? We wonder what the real risks would be of doing the FHO surgery with some yeast in the urine. We would appreciate another vet's opinion. We would like to know the truth.
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