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Free Methimizole to give away

Hi all.

A friend's brother recently had a cat that passed away that suffered from hyperthyroidism. He was treating his cat with Methimizole right up until it died. The cat had other health problems, too, and was old (16), that's why it passed away. Anyway, he still has 2 - 75ml bottles (three months supply) of the Methimizole left to give away to someone who can use it. It is unopened.

My cats are both healthy, so I don't need the medicine. It has an expiry date of December 2013, so he doesn't want it to simply expire and go to waste if someone can use it for a cat in need. He says it's very expensive (it cost him about $80), so surely there must be someone out there who can use this?

Let me know. {personal email edited out by hazel. Pls PM the OP if you're interested.} Thanks.

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