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renkma, so sorry to hear about Honey, I'm sure she was a beautiful girl. You may be happy to know that I have owned a Chi in the past, she matured at only 5 lb, and I did none of this that you've mentioned. I always have youngsters in a puppy pen on 3 full layers of unfolded newspapers, so that when they toilet you can quickly just remove soiled paper. I do not believe in puppy pads, I mean to say, how unnatural is that for a dog?? As they get old enough to toilet outside some papers may be put closer to the door they'll be going out, to show them the way. It's a fact that dogs don't like to toilet close to or in the bed they sleep in, so they virtually train themselves. No way known did I ruin my sleep for Roo, my current pup. (an Australian Cattle Dog). He was put out very last thing at night, also first thing every morning, and went from toileting in his pen, to being house trained fairly fast. One thing I have to stress though, is that your Chi' may not be safe up on the bed because they are usually fearless and could take a flying leap to get down and badly injure itself. I had mine take off from chest height in a hurry to get back into her pen and luckily caught her in mid air, but her breeder lost one after someone picked it up and it went over their shoulder onto the ground. Don't know if it broke it's neck or smashed its skull. As for carrying them around, well, mine happily played with my cattle dogs and gave them Hell actually. If they teased her she'd leap up and latch onto their face. LOL. They are in some ways incredibly delicate, and in other ways as tough as an old boot. I love them. I think you should try carefully to start lead training her as soon as you can because some Chi's never accept it . When the breeder of mine told me that I thought 'Yeah, sure' but a brother to mine proved her right, she tried at a show one day and just being pulled on the grass made skin come off his pads. Stubborn as any donkey. Plenty of titbits and praise, just let it drag the lead around without holding onto it, then when you do, don't fight with her, give her plenty of time. They are a delightful breed and hey, don't forget she is YOUR dog, rear her how you like, and enjoy her. For advice on how to cope with her in the snow the rest will have to help you, I live in Australia and don't have that problem to contend with. We would love to see photo's of her. This was my little darling, Jedda, sorry it's a bit fuzzy.
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