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Originally Posted by sandyrivers View Post

Thanks for your in put on the cats and wasp stings.

As for my city rules, I live on a 3rd floor unit and only the people on the ground floors are allowed screen doors.

I am not aware of which city 'law' this is, but two people on my street had screen doors on their 3rd floor units and were asked to take them off...

As for a/c, I would not have it for anything in the world, I prefer to have the breeze and even if it's a heatwave, fans do fine for me.

But ok, lets forgo the city's stupid rules and see if any one has more to say about the wasps!


That is way beyond stupid not be allowed to have a screen door because you live on the third floor. here is web site I found and there are more to check out. it said a cat can dies if they have an reaction to a wasp stung and should be take a vet right away. I really don't think there much more that can be said . If I would you I would call my vet so they can tell what you need to do if your cat eat a wasp or get stung by one. They know your cat better than we do.

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