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Hi everyone

Just some added information. Tig has been on 1/2 pred. 2 times a day for about a week, then we will slowly decrease the amount in hopes that a smaller dose will work.

He does attempt to eat, it's the fact that he does not consume enough to even maintain his weight. So I have to shove food into him, making him more adverse to food. The food I do give he keeps down, no throwing up and as far as I know no diarrhea. He's indoor/outdoor so his bathroom habits are harder to gage and of course the 6 other cats make it impossible to tell, unless I see him pooping. He mostly sprays the back yard and unfortunetly has sprayed up the house, and this is the first time my house has smelt like cat pee. I can't keep up with his spraying and now Akira, 3 year old female is also spraying.

Does pred. Make the cats more anxious? Could some of the eating be anxiety related?

I will continue with the assist feeding, as today was a good day, he was outside and managed to get ahold of our strays dry food and had a few nibbles. I've spent the last 2 months getting everyone off kibble, onto grain feed wet food and then onto the raw. A couple prefer the raw, others it will take longer.

What confuses me with Tigger is he does not act like dying cat, just one that does not like to eat. I had another cat a few years ago I had to put down as she was suffering more than living, and our 18 year old let us know she had enough, so that part I understand.

I don't know what to expect with this guy and some days the force feeding is a disaster. And trying to increase his weight is proving to be near impossible. We don't know if the pred is working unless he has another ultra sound and I can't afford another $1,000 + to get that done. Only way to tell is his eating will increase, which is not happening.

Anyway I will keep on feeding, trying to blend down some raw food to syringe feed, but hard to get the food liquidated enough to work in a syringe.

Any suggestions on how to get it more liquified would be appreciated, and I'll look at the sites given.

Anyone else has suggestion, I'm all ears/eyes)

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