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Danger in cat eating wasps?

Hi everyone.

I looked here and there on Google and others but can't really find a solid answer...

Here is the situation: With summer ending it seems that wasps are getting more and more eager to enter my house...
I usually leave my front patio door open (this where I have my office and where I spend my time on my computer) and lately I noticed that 4 or 5 wasps enter every night and just hang out on the walls and ceiling.
(I have no screen door, as it is not permitted to have screen doors on front patios in my area, I know, this is really stupid, but the city thinks they are an eyesore for the neighborghood... Whatever).
I usually also have any 2 cats with me in my office and they do chase other bugs and night butterflies and eat them.

My concern is: I caught my cats chasing wasps and nearly eating them!
Can this be harmfull to them?
Can the wasp sting them in the mouth or otherwise?
Would it be bad if it happened?
I know that if we humans get stung it hurts and burns but asides from the temporary pain, no great deal of harm is done.

I read all sorts of things on internet about this and can't seem to get a real answer.
Does anyone know about this?

I try to kill the wasps as I see them in my office, (no, I do not like killing animals of any kind, but wasps seem to really like stinging me as I usually get 6 or 7 stings per summer, so I do kill them when they come in the house), they are usually easy to spot since my cats just get up and start staring in that direction, but I am still concerned of what would happen if they caught one...
Asides from the painfull discomfort my cat would experience is it dangerous?

Thanks for your input.

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