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Thank you Marco for directing me to that podcast - it was very informative. And it put to rest one main concern I had about puppy pads. I do not want a dog that eliminates in the house ever. I've had a lot of dogs in my life and I have always trained every one of them to go potty outside. This new puppy is a Chihuahua, but to me, that does not make it OK to let them eliminate in the house. So , for us, and our dogs, pads are not an option ever. I was concerned, being a Chihuahua, that pad training may be something I would have to embrace, but the podcast convinced me of what I already felt. A dog is a dog - whether it weight 9 lbs or 90 lbs. They can all go potty outside - no negotiating.

So I guess I will just keep on training our little girl the way I've been training all my other dogs - persistence, patience, and praise for good.
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