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every 30 minutes? I always thought is was every 2 hours for puppies? Does she actually pee every 30 minutes??

I guess any tips depends on everyone's experience.

For me, with Bestia, my 2 year old yorkie mix, we trained him to use puppy pads at the same we were teaching him to go outside, and we got pretty lucky with that smart little guy, because at night he would never wake us up he would go straight to the pad, and once he learned to go outside and we missed him by the door, he would ran over the pad as well.

Now, with our second dog, almost a year now, the training part was a challenge, and he never learned to use the pads (he eats them instead) so when we were home all the time we always took him out constantly, about every 2 hours, even if he didn't have to go just to get him used to. Now when he came to our house he was just over 3 months old, but I have to say we were lucky that he pretty much slept through the night; he did get up pretty early to go out, but that was fine, he never got up through the night.

Other than that if we were not home, we applied the hour per month rule and make sure someone could take them out.

Maybe you could try teaching her to use the pads for when you are out? I know with Bestia even now we put the pad out for him just in case... I am still hoping I can teach Guero to use them too but he is a tough one
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