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Originally Posted by mybubbles65 View Post
I so agree. We all have to make a living but preying on the desperation and grief of a pet owner is disgusting. On top of that, charging us $300 to put him down was like adding insult to injury. When a pet owner is having to make that terrible decision, the least a vet could do is charge just for the cost of supplies and medication. I'm sure that would only be a few dollars. They make enough money on shots, spaying, neutering, etc. I could never look myself in the mirror every morning knowing I was doing this to grieving people. We would have liked to have had his ashes but that was another $100 to have them returned to us. We were already paying to have him cremated so how difficult would it have been to have his ashes returned to us in a Baggie for gods sake? This event has really opened my eyes up to the veterinarian business. Cause that's what it is, a business. They really have no compassion for the animals or family's involved. When my husband asked why the surgery was so expensive, the vet had the nerve to say " we are running a business here". Disgusting! Many years ago I used to go to a vet that had a teaching practice. Her fees were substantially lower then the average vet. She still managed to make a living but was not greedy. Now, that's a real doctor.
I couldn't agree more. Sadly a lot of them are just out for the profit although not all but it takes a while to find a good one that loves what he or she does and tries different vias to ease the wallet and at the same time help your friend (takes time unless you make a lucky finding)
We had a vet like that but he's retired now (this year or last) so our current vet is not bad but not like that guy. Once we went at 10PM after spaying Mulder because she wasn't feeling to great and he went to the clinic got her checked, gave her a shot and he didn't charge us.
On the other side Scully had a UTI recently and we ended up paying around 500 dollars for something I already strongly suspected. So you see the 2 sides of the spectre being the mercenary side the most common
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