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Originally Posted by Koteburo View Post
It makes me crazy when pets are lost for those reasons. It's not fair pet health care has to come with such a high price. It's just not fair. I know this didn't guarantee saving him and I'm not against vets making a living either but still.
I so agree. We all have to make a living but preying on the desperation and grief of a pet owner is disgusting. On top of that, charging us $300 to put him down was like adding insult to injury. When a pet owner is having to make that terrible decision, the least a vet could do is charge just for the cost of supplies and medication. I'm sure that would only be a few dollars. They make enough money on shots, spaying, neutering, etc. I could never look myself in the mirror every morning knowing I was doing this to grieving people. We would have liked to have had his ashes but that was another $100 to have them returned to us. We were already paying to have him cremated so how difficult would it have been to have his ashes returned to us in a Baggie for gods sake? This event has really opened my eyes up to the veterinarian business. Cause that's what it is, a business. They really have no compassion for the animals or family's involved. When my husband asked why the surgery was so expensive, the vet had the nerve to say " we are running a business here". Disgusting! Many years ago I used to go to a vet that had a teaching practice. Her fees were substantially lower then the average vet. She still managed to make a living but was not greedy. Now, that's a real doctor.
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