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A Good, Good Dog

I wanted to share a Truman story with other dog lovers.

It was about two weeks ago, and it was time for a walk. It had been raining, and the grass was wet and the humidity level was up- and Truman was just not happy about any of it. He did what he needed to do and was ready to go back home- in a really bad mood, I might add.
We were approaching our building when he suddenly stopped. I tugged a bit, but he wouldn’t budge. When I turned around to see what the problem was, he was staring at something with his ears up, tail wagging and a smile on his face. (Yes, I think my dog can smile- look at the photo below.) I walked over to get a closer look (expecting to see someone waving a steak at him) when I saw a woman- who was obviously upset- walking in our direction. I asked if she was okay, and she said that she was just having a rough day. When she got close enough, she dropped herself down to the ground in a crouching position. Truman put his paws on her knees and gave her a big slurpy kiss. I tried and tried to pull him away, but he refused to leave. When the woman stopped crying and started laughing, he hopped down and started home. She thanked me and told me that some doggie- love was exactly what she needed.
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