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High liver enzymes, ALT and ALP

My small dog named Tiny is 9 and looks very healthy. He has a good appetite, good stools, etc, but he does have some allergies that we keep under control with natural products (digestive enzymes, antioxidants, probiotics) and there hasn't been a big problem. However, he has had ALTs in the 200s ever since his first blood test when he was 4. Everything else was normal. Lately his ALP was elevated in the 200 range also but I wonder if this might be due to the alcohol in a homeopathic tincture I was giving him for itchy paws. He also had Tramadol (painkiller - for a light sprain) but for only about 2 days and the blood test was a week later.The vet ran a bile acid test which was just a bit high but he thinks it was due to gallbladder contractions. An x-ray showed the liver looked normal. Now we are talking about an ultrasound! Is this a good idea? What issues could a healthy-looking dog have that could result in a ALT that is consistently in the 200s?
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