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Originally Posted by SuperWanda View Post
Sorry for the late reply - took some holidays which seemed to fly by.

Timber is still doing well, thanks for asking MaxaLisa. We had a cooler July which she enjoyed but it is now pretty hot and humid. She still sounds stuffy at times but it seems to come and go. I took another break from my supplement program and she hasn't had any doxy for at least a month. Timber was diagnosed in October (her birthday month) so if we celebrate her 13 birthday this year (and I imagine we will), I will be overjoyed! She doesn't seem to be getting worse as far as I can tell but I can't see what is happening inside. Only try to assess it from her breathing and how she is feeling and she is doing great at this point!

I would also be interested in hearing how Katie is doing?

Hope you all enjoyed your summer.
I'm glad to hear that Timber is doing well!! I would be careful not to get behind with the doxy, but sure is nice to be able to take a break from it here and there.

I looked at Katie's FB page, and she hasn't posted this month. I hope everything is okay
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